How to clean my shoes?

For cleaning, use only damp cloth and mild soap. Never soak your shoes in water or wash in a washer machine. If for any reason they are wet, let them dry naturally in the shade, keeping them on a flat and horizontal surface. Do not dry your shoes exposing them to the sun. Dry them in the shade and never accelerate the drying in dryers, stoves, ovens, stove or behind the refrigerator. Contact with high temperatures affect some components of the shoes.

How to conserve my shoes?

Before shine your shoes, use a soft-bristled brush, smooth sponge or cloth moistened with water to remove dust and dirt that can stain the shoes. When shining your shoes, do preliminary testing on a less visible area to make sure the grease used is compatible with the leather.

Why should I let the shoes rest?

Leather is a raw material that absorbs and eliminates the perspiration of the feet. For this sweat is released, it is necessary to leave the shoes “rest” in a cool and ventilated environment, so please do not use the same shoes every day. This increases the durability, prevents stains and also prevents the appearance from bad smell.

Which socks should I wear with footwear with dark lining?

Wear dark colored socks. Avoid wearing clear socks with dark inner lining shoes, because it can release ink, although it is washable.